Leadership Team

Meet Our Staff and Volunteers

Our team is made up of the staff at KCBC, core leaders, ministry coordinators and volunteers. Below are the guys and gals in the leadership team. You can contact them at info@kcbc.or.uk

Core Leaders

Steve Latham

Senior Pastor |
steve@kcbc.org.uk |

Patience Mbakadi

Senior Pastor |
patience@kcbc.org.uk |

Elizabeth Boultbee

Allan Barbazza

Junior Pastor |
allan@kcbc.org.uk |

Rochelle Etienne

Youth Worker |
rochelle@kcbc.org.uk |

Mayowa Akinloye

Core Leader |
mayowa@kcbc.org.uk |

Marluce Delaqua

Congregation Worker |
marluce@kcbc.org.uk |

Ministry Co-ordinators

Sam Bruku

Operations |
samuel@kcbc.org.uk |

Liz Akinloye

Prayer |
liz@kcbc.org.uk |

Isaac Atta-Boateng

Health & Safety |
isaac@kcbc.org.uk |

Sue Latham

Children’s Ministry |
sue@kcbc.org.uk |

Amos Dzumbira

Media, Comms & Tech  |
amos@kcbc.org.uk |

Edith Ogharaerumi

Pastoral Care |
edith@kcbc.org.uk |

Grace Green Oyedemi

Hospitality |
grace@kcbc.org.uk |


Welcome Team |
barbette@kcbc.org.uk |

Georgiana Thompson

Membership |
georgiana@kcbc.org.uk |

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